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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Day The Music Cried: Written in Green and Red ink.

The Day The Music Cried: Written in Green and Red ink.

It was a solemn  day across the world  and even the Moon.
The whole world had come to bury their loved ones in their final Tomb.

Great Nations had millions of coffins that were  filled and ready on that awful Day.
Huge Mountains they would make when covered in, grass. On top at the Moon, the new Wolfs would Bay.  

Many others cursed this plague of death and burned their loved  in mass fires that filled the whole Sky.
But most could not bear to see their loved ones hurt so in Green and Silver  coffins they would said their final Goodby.

With pomp and great ceremony the UN's Premier would lay the final one to Rest.
Satellites sent the pictures world wide and as the world watched, all knew it was for the Best.  

Now the shining golden shovel, flag draped, was handed to a frail widow oh so Proud.
She was the last US President and as she accepted it a great cheer went through the Crowd.

It was The Day The Music Cried!
It was the Day the US Dollar Died!

The Druid King
Copyright August 4, 2011 George King

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