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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dark Lord and the Red Star written in Midnight Black Ink

The Dark Lord and the Red Star written in Midnight Black Ink

You gather your children is gleaming  armor from sea to shining Sea
To serve The Red Star, oh of them all, you are so proud to Be.

While at home for many, little food, drink or any care there is to See.
For all the realm's coin is spent serving the Red Star, surly justice there must Be.

Now far away on distant shores, your Sons and Daughters dance with with the Dark Lord for a Turn.
Till at last he gives them his sweet kiss, then back flag draped they return in an Urn.

So of the precious fruit from your thighs, that you all so willing you Gave. 
Now with Parade, Pomp and false pride you send to the Grave.

While all along the Red Star, Mars or War said to be his Name.
And the Dark Lord, King of Death, your children plan to Claim.

The Dark Lord and Red Star toast each other in of cups of young blood and drink to the Game.
Laughing at your so pompous and false pride, as really you should be hanging your heads in Shame.

Yes it is true that only our Lady Fate, rolls the Dark Lord's deadly Dice.
But in the game of War it's only your children's blood that must always pay the Price.

The Druid King

Dedicated to  the Young that the Old always send to the, Just and Noble Wars, there by keeping the Dark  Lord and Red Start entertained.  As always Greed  drives these Wars, lead by the Rich but Insane.  Still  take small comfort in the fact that "Death only Hurts the Living."  TDK

Copyright August 2, 2011 George king

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