Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Soul's Alchemy: Written in Golden Blinding Hot Ink.

Passion is the Spark, that often lights the Soul's Fires.
As they flare up, the hot  flames engulfing our Desires.

Still we know, the flames of passion can not forever Last.
But it is what we choose to Forge, in this heated consuming Blast.

As we pour the Alchemic melt,  of true soul's gold into our lives hard shaped Mold.
The winds of life's lived adversity's  blow forever cold and with age we grow so Old .

Then comes the trip to SummerLand and this one live's Mold is forever Broken.
Releasing to our eternal Soul another hard earned and learned , Golden Token.

Till centuries later when the Soul's purse has become oh so full, that we can  pay the Goddess's creation Bill.
At last we too now join the Gods and Goddesses in the great  Forever Never with true and complete free Will.

The Druid King

Dedicated to our many and often painful lives and to let all know the Druids true Golden Goal.

Copyright August, 19, 2011 George King

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