Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Monday, August 15, 2011

Love's Change: Written in Silver Shimmering Ink.

The Sea gives its water to the Sky. The Sky Gives it to the Ground. Does the rain drops know that they may become a great Tree?
Do you know what you could become when you touch Me?
A frozen Heart of Ice is unchanging, a safe a thing of beauty, for all too See. 
But to love it must melt, for hot passion is it's only Key
Your heart is frozen, a bright Jewel of sparkling ice. I long to touch it with my fiery desires, but what would become of Thee.
You surly would melt in my arms, and when the steam of our passions was all gone, who or what would we Be?
We must both give up our self's to love's fiery transformation, that special Alchemy that makes gold from the Sea.
Or go  our separate ways, often looking back with a secret tear, never knowing what we gave up to fear, that day, so willingly.
The Druid King
Dedicated to all that dared to love and lose instead of being so safe but old and sorry.  The Goddess has surely touched your souls.
Copyright August,15, 2011 George King

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