Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The S.H. Master: Written in Black soft ink.

Hi My name is Mr. Bat.
I'm just a little Black Cat.
I was born with a really big set of Fangs.
So Mama called me Bat, boy that Hangs.
Because I never grew up and am so very very  Small.
I was afraid of everything, even a shadow in the Hall.
Then one night, the Goddess taught me the art of S.H. with her magick Ball.
Now I am a proud S.H. Master and  go everywhere with my tail held Tall.
So if you want to be a S.H. Master, get some Tuna and give me a Call.
If you pay in Tuna and ask the secret of S.H. really nice, I may teach it All.
We will meet outside under the Full Moon and our tails can Twist.
Then I will give you the Goddess kiss and teach you to Super Hiss.
Dedicated to Bat the little Black Cat, that knows it always taste better in the other Cat's  bowl.  I think he was the first Tea Bagger.
The Druid King
Copyright August 9, 2011 George King

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