Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Monday, July 11, 2011

Childhood: written in Blood Red Ink

If you could have but one dream and that dream be your Life.
Would you take it or would you cut it with a Knife.

Oh Rabbit White Rabbit, why do you Run.
Life's short so short to little time for us in the Sun.

Come Rabbit lets play, please play before they bring the Gun.
Little Rabbit lets hope, please hope, oh why is there None

Its firing I am waking your dying little Rabbit, melting with the Moon.
Oh Rabbit my little Rabbit why was it all so Soon.

Sweet pain, sweet sorrow, love's better to the Insane.
But Rabbit little Rabbit, I was Able and you were my Cain

The Druid King

 copyright June 30,2011   George King

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