Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flower of Faith : written in green ink.

Flower of Faith : written in green ink.

We must bend like a reed when the wind of curiosity or the storm of fear and hate blow across the flower of our faith.

Soon it will pass and the Sunshine and beauty of our faith will lead nature's spirts of love to the nectar our flower has bloomed into.

From this flower the seeds of truth will fall and if we have cared for soil of our lives another generation may arise to carry on our beauty, service and testament to our Mother Nature and Father Sun whom we respect and serve.

That our Lady Lunar may smile on Earth's children for generations to come, beyond count until the sands of time run out.

The Druid King.

Copyright 07/03/2011 George King

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