Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flashbacks Boom Boom Boom: written in Dried Blood Black Ink.

Flashbacks Boom Boom Boom: written in Dried Blood Black Ink.

Boom Boom Boom        Shit, Oh hell what a Night.
Boom Boom Boom        Closer now, wonder If we'll live to see the Light.

Boom Boom Boom       Oh my God Oh my God we're gonna Die!
Boom Boom Boom       Dam you stop it Johnny, Marines don't Cry.

Boom Boom Boom      Dam it to hell we stand and Fight.
Boom Boom Boom     Oh Fucking Shit this is a dying Night.

Boom Boom Boom     Oh God Oh God the PAIN help I'm Hit!
Bomb Bomb Bomb     Shit Dam it Johnny you're covered in Blood were's my Kit!

Boom boom boom       Dam it won't that fucking sound never go Away.
Boom boom boom      Oh it's you Hi Johnny how are we doing Today?

Boom boom boom     Oh God is it really you, shit it hurts hurts Man!
Boom boom boom     Here Johnny your free now, just take my Hand.

Boom boom boom     Oh Oh what the hell the pain the pain it's it's gone, gone Away.
Boom boom boom    Oh God sweet Jesus Sir Sir I'm ready to fight Today!

Boom boom boom    At ease Johnny there is no more fighting left to be Done.
Bomb bomb bomb    Oh Oh you really really mean we finally Won.

Boom boom boom    Hell man where am I, shit why why are you so Old.
Boom boom boom    Dam its so bright here, shit why am I  so fucking Cold.

Boom boom boom    boom boom boom ,the sound war slowly fads Away.
                                   Sit down with me Johnny I have quite the tale to tell Today.

It was so many years ago that mortar fell, killing most of you that awful Night.
Ripped your body bad. My God you were, O such a horrible Sight.

You'll died so quick I could but watch as the blood flowed that Day.
Funny you say now I am so old, for me it just tore my Soul Away!

I live the living dead of all of us that from wars were able to walk Away.
It's been years, and your are Dead, in SummerLand uh call it Heaven lets Say.

Your wounds were great, they came to late, to take your soul that Day.
So here you rested and was rebuild except your pain would not go Away.

That's where my Blessing and my Curse are brought here and put into Play.
Without a Soul I travel light, the time was right so holding your hand I drew all the pain Away.

Johnny you are well and whole again, they tell me you will soon reborn, this time with a Twin.
Now I must leave sweet SummerLand, as still I breath, till I am needed and Flashbacks call me Home again.

Echo's of a long lost war soon return again, boom boom boom

The Druid King

Dedicated to All the young men, women and victims of all the Wars that gave so much, for so little and were forgotten so soon.

Copywrite July 16, 2011  George King

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