Soul Pearls, the Tears of the Soul

Thursday, July 28, 2011

None So Brave, written in Red and Blue ink with White tears.

None So Brave,  written in Red and Blue ink with White tears.

There are none so brave as the young who are murdered while trying to make this world a better  Place.
Of the insane murderers and those that support them by their actions or in actions, they have no Case.

Your Gods or Prophets, it is  their work you proclaim to Do.
Hoping to gain rewards in a afterlife, of which you have no Clue.

To all the others that do not think in your sick and twisted Way.
There is you claim a most terrible HELL that will receive them some Day.

To you I say in  sure knowledge and  a immortal truth.
There is this HELL and for you it has a special Booth.

The truth be know, both Heavens and Hells are creations of the hearts Desires.
And all hearts filled Greed and Murder will surely taste of their sick heart's hell Fires.

The  hearts of the young, where filled with love and hope of a better world they would make while Fate rolled her Dice.
The None So Brave, oh pure and innocent young, now rest In SummerLands sweet heavenly fields for those that have paid the price.

Oh from parents, loved ones  and crying strangers alike, dry your tears and rejoice. As their blood and efforts must  serve to make us Strong.
As we pickup, rebuild, making our world the better place,  so that their souls may ReBorn to this better world of which they Long.  

The Druid King

Dedicated to  the victims of Norway's Island Massacre. We know the pain is great as "Death only Hurts the Living."  TDK

Copyright July 28, 2011 George king


  1. Beautiful and Haunting
    thank you my friend Blessed be

  2. The feeling, love hope and yes shock of those young people who died so quick and unexpected. Reached out from SummersLands (Heavens) to any who could feel and hear their cry. Revenge us not but carry on one work and hopes. Write of us and make the World a better place.