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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Goddess and Old Joe --- written in Sweet Hot Java Black Ink.

The Goddess and Old Joe  --- written in Sweet  Hot Java Black Ink.

I'm been walking down these old abandon railroad tracks, just feeling kinda Sad
Ben out of work and there's nothing left  but a little beans and rice in my old food  Bag.

But I knows where there's a sweet bubbling brook that I'll soon find on my Way.
My back's still strong and eyes are sharp, I'll find work some other Day.

Old Mama Moon she lights my nights, keeps me company, as we're both wanderers and in one place just cant  Stay.
Tonight when I stop, I'll cook my food it an old tin can and build a good fire to keep life's cold at Bay.

Our shoes may be thin of soul, but we owe no Man and in the woods are free to worship the old old Way.
You'll  be so full tonight my mama Moon and to Goddess,  we can all sing and  Pray.

Oh my! would you look at the old cross roads, some farmers truck has lost a sack of potatoes Today.
Boy it's more than I can use, but Goddess knows we should not waste any food, so I will carry it Away

Well I have reached the bubbling brook and oh surprise, my so good friends are all already Here.
There's brother Truth and sister Charity, cousin Hope and  can that be uncle Faith setting down a keg of Beer.

Oh what a feast there will be tonight as around a great fire  we open completely  our hearts to Share
So tomorrow with father Sun  and no fear, we must start our journeys anew, as we travel in the Goddess's Care. 

So if you see me along life's road yell out, Hi there Brother Joe, and I will know, you are family of the Goddess  and old bother Joe.
And when you sip, you will known, that where there's Joe, soon Faith, Hope, Charity and Truth are sure to Show.

The Druid King

Dedicated to the  simple little bean that with the Goddess help gets us all through each day.

Copyright July 26, 2011 George king

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